The Potter's Wheel for Sidmouth College - in 2019, The Arts Society Sidmouth funded a Potter’s Wheel for Sidmouth College and then arranged for a well-know local professional potter, Tim Andrews, to launch it with a set of master classes for the students. The wheel is already very much in use and a range of pots have been produced. During Tim's visit at least one pupil showed a natural ability for potting, and more have followed. We will exhibit some of the pots in the  Art and Craft Exhibition at Kennaway House on the 20th and 21st June this year. 

Schools Outreach - There will also be an exhibition art  and writing from  Sidmouth Primary School, Sidmouth College, Rose Lawn  Residential Home and also some art made from recycled objects, recovered from Beach cleans etc. Deirdre has visited Rose Lawn retirement home and met several of the residents, and one who is a talented artist has agreed to  let us have some of her pictures.

Since one of the Autumn units at the Primary School was a study of what it was like to be a child growing up in the WW2 it was suggested  to some of the Rose lawn residents that several of them who could write or record their memories of their lives in WW2 would like to record their memories and we could transcribe them  perhaps use their recorded voices on a loop that we could  that  complements the work that the Primary School children had done in their WW2 module.

RBA Young Arts - Started in 1973, Young Arts provides exciting opportunities for children and young people to expand their horizons through their involvement in creative arts activities.We have helped a variety of projects for children of both primary and secondary school age ranging from silkscreen printing to working in oils.

The Arts Society Sidmouth supports the Royal Society of British Artists Annual Exhibition which shows the best of contemporary representational painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing.

The Arts Society works in partnership with the RBA to find the most outstanding work by final year A-level students from around the country and display it as part of the exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. The exhibition is small; in 2013, for example, only 20 works were selected, one of them from a Colyton Grammar School pupil. We aim to inspire young people with a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of our arts heritage and its conservation. Our vision is equality of opportunity for all to learn through participation in the arts.